UC San Diego Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Advisory Council


The UC San Diego EDI Advisory Council works through the Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion to advise the Chancellor on diversity with particular attention to institutional access and representation, campus climate and intergroup relations, and institutional transformation. The work of the Council supports campus efforts to become a more equitable, inclusive community where all feel welcome, supported, and able to thrive.


  • Through the Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, advise the Chancellor on the appropriate equity and accountability goals to which UC San Diego should aspire in creating a diverse campus community and assess progress toward achieving those goals.
  • Identify those programs that can have the greatest positive impacts on campus diversity and advise on how our resources might best be utilized and coordinated to achieve the campus diversity goals.
  • Identify the barriers to achieving greater diversity at UC San Diego and provide recommendations on how we can overcome those barriers.
  • Review annual reports and other data regarding the state of student, faculty, and staff diversity and efforts to improve diversity at UC San Diego.
  • Assess how the UCSD Principles of Community and related campus regulations and policies are being applied and make recommendations on how to improve the communication of the Principles to faculty, students, and staff.
  • Act as a resource for the Chancellor, Vice Chancellors, Directors, and others for advice on programs and initiatives designed to improve UC San Diego’s diversity.
  • Provide a forum for the discussion of diversity-related issues and ideas and encourage a campus dialogue about diversity by periodically convening town meetings, offering seminars, and establishing a web page.
  • Examine and provide advice on best practices in academia.

Action Subgroups

The Action Subgroups listed below support monitoring of institutional progress with respect to diversity. Members will be added to these subgroups as expertise with particular issues is needed.

Climate and Intergroup Relations – Focus on challenges and opportunities related to climate

  • Quality of experience/engagement on campus, satisfaction
  • Type and quality of interaction among groups
  • Perceptions of institution (climate, commitment, fairness)

Access and Success – Focus on improving outcomes for historically underrepresented and marginalized students

  • Undergraduate/graduate student population by fields and levels
  • Pursuit of advanced degrees
  • Success of students: graduation, persistence, honors, STEM fields, etc.

Education and Scholarship (Chaired by Faculty Member) – Focus on ensuring diversity is an integral part of the academic mission

  • Presence of diversity-related courses, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) requirements

Institutional Viability and Vitality – Focus on transparency and accountability in our diversity efforts

  • Public and constituency perceptions of institutional commitment to diversity, equity
  • Framework and indicators for monitoring diversity
  • Centrality of diversity in the planning process, mission statements, program reviews
  • Institutional strategies and dedicated resources
  • Diversity of faculty, staff, and students by level
  • Advisory board diversity and engagement


Council members are appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in consultation with relevant campus units.




Becky Petitt

Co-Chair, Vice Chancellor, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion


William McGinnis

Co-Chair, Dean, Biological Sciences


Martin Boston

VP Diversity Affairs, Graduate Student Association


Joanna Boval

Executive Director, Office of Students with Disabilities


Garrett Bredell

President, Graduate Student Association


Manuelita Brown

Representative, UCSD Alumni Association


Jennifer Burney

Representative, Committee on Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Issues


Cella Chung

Representative, SPACES


Rachel Cook

Representative, Committee on the Status of Women


Ricardo Dominguez

Representative, Committee on Diversity and Equity, Academic Senate 


Cynthia Davalos

Student Affairs Representative


Annie Flager/PASA 

Chair, Pan-Asian Staff Association


Steve Gallagher

Representative, SIO


Ben Grinstein

Department Chair, Physics


Daniel Juarez

President, Associated Students


Kafele Khalfani 

Chair, Black Staff Association


Chandler Puritty

Graduate Student At-Large


Emily Roxworthy

Council of Provosts


Kaustav Roy

Chair, Academic Senate


Dan Suchy

Assistant Director, ACMS


Wendy Taylor May

Representative, Committee on the Status of Women


Andre Thompson

Undergraduate Student At-Large


Minh-Hieu Vu

AVP Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Associated Students


Melissa Williams

Director, Disability Counseling & Consulting


Ebonee Williams

Staff Member At-Large, Executive Director, Gordon Center



Associate Vice Chancellor, Faculty Diversity and Equity


Representative, Student Affirmative Action Committee


Community Member At-Large

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